American Lemon pet & kanace

American Lemon in pet and can formats

Refreshing drink with natural herbal extracts.

  • Ingredients: Water, natural sugar and caffeine
  • Type: Refreshing drink
  • Physico-chemical data: Brix 10, Co2 (6gr/ L), pH. 2.4-2.6
  • Serving temp.: 4-8C
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Offered formats 0.25L can & 1.5L Pet
  • Taste: Refreshing drink with natural extracts.
  • American Lemon pet 1.5L
    American Lemon pet 1.5L
  • American Lemon kanaçe 0.25L
    American Lemon can 0.25L
  • Coli cans 24 items x 0.25L
  • American Lemon koli pet me 6 copë x 1.5L
    Coli pet with 6 items x 1.5L